Athens Farmer’s Market

September 5, 2013 § 3 Comments

I absolutely love going to farmer’s markets, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit several in the cities that I’ve travelled to. Just this past summer, I got to visit the Nashville Farmer’s Market, which is much bigger than most I’ve been too, and features a food court with a wide variety of venders, including BBQ, pizza (with the option of topping it with some truffle oil), Chinese, Mexican, and one of my favorites, Indian. But of course, my favorite part of the Nashville Farmer’s Market is the International Market. I don’t know why, but something about seeing and tasting foods that are totally foreign to me is fascinating and exciting. It’s like catching a glimpse into another culture, and what often feels like another world.

Back home in Athens, the farmer’s market isn’t quite as big as the Nashville Farmer’s market, but it certainly is full of quality venders offering too many goods to try in just one visit. Last Saturday I met a friend of mine at the Athens Farmer’s Market and we did a little shopping.

One of the venders that caught my interest was Antonio’s Fresh Pasta. With the convenience of going to Kroger and buying whatever we want with little to know work involved for us, just the thought of homemade pasta seems extra-special. Antonio, born and raised in Italy until he decided to come to UGA and study food science, makes all the pasta himself and offers several different flavors. When I was talking to him about choosing one of the pastas to try, he pointed proudly to the pictures of his chickens, whose eggs he uses to make the pasta. I decided to go with the squid ink pasta, much to the shock of my roommates and my friend I was with. I had heard of it before but decided to give it a try. It’s dark black color is a bit shocking at first, and the flavor is slightly seafood-y (not surprisingly). For a recipe for making it yourself click here (or if you’re just curious to know more about it / want to have a good laugh at how popular it is with “foodies”).




The next vender I visited is one I’ve been meaning to try– Journey Juice. They make a wide variety of different fruit and vegetable juices that not only taste great, but are great for you. Last Saturday it was very hot, so as soon as I saw their booth I knew I wanted to get some cold, fresh juice. I got Synergy, which has apples, beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, romaine, spinach, lemons, cayenne, and ginger. It sounds like a lot of flavors that wouldn’t go well together, but the juice actually has a great, refreshing taste to it, with a little kick at the end from the cayenne pepper (which, one of the guys told me helps speed up metabolism). I definitely want to go back and try some of their other juices. You can find them at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, or at their location on Prince Avenue.



Make sure you support local growers, artisans, and venders at the Athens Farmer’s Market this Saturday– there’s too much delicious food, as well the passionate people who’ve made it, to pass it up!


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